About us
About us

Physiology and Medicine Publishing Pte. Ltd. 
Physiology and Medicine Publishing Pte. Ltd. is incorporated in Singapore with focus on international publication on the achievements in physiology and medicine.
The Company publishes the periodicals in association with International Association of Physiology and Medicine, Shanghai Obstetrics and Gynecology Rehabilitation Committee, Shanghai Cardio-/Cerebrovascular Rehabilitation Committee, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Xuzhou Medical University, Second Military Medical University and other leading medical organizations from all over the world.
Mission:   we adhere to the spirit of Earnest, Strict and Precise in our Code of Conduct and adoption of peer review.
Vision:  Our pursuit of top level, standard, quality and value
Goals:  To popularize the achievements in physiology and medicine and strive for peace, happiness and health

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